Using the songs of flowers for aura and chakra healing

We’re very pleased to be bringing you AuraBioSonics – a range of beautiful essences and sprays containing plant and flower sounds made by sound healer Colin Kingshott whose company, Florachology, is on the cutting edge of what’s possible now that science is opening up to take into account the energetic, resonant body.

Sound healing is based on the precursor to the lowest common denominator of all matter – sound vibration. It is sound resonance that is found beating at the heart of every atom in the universe. If you want to make changes to the matter or the body, you have to make changes at the atomic level, and this is achieved with vibration or resonant sound.

These stunningly original resonant synergistic blends re-harmonise the aura, by balancing the chakras, through the subtle, enchanting songs of plants and flowers, including the gorgeous lady slipper orchid, featured above. (Lady Slipper Orchid Fractal by Rose Santuci-Sofranko). Continue reading “Using the songs of flowers for aura and chakra healing”

How playing music benefits your brain

This is a great video which explains, with simple animation, what happens in our brains when we listen to and play music.

We’re shown how neuroscientists have found that, out of all activities, including those in the arts, playing music is superior when it comes to exercising the cognitive functions of the brain. And that this makes musicians more easily able to negotiate all of life’s challenges in a more holistically intelligent way. Continue reading “How playing music benefits your brain”

The Healing Song of the Sea Shell

sea shell

By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

We all love to collect sea-shells on the sea-shore, and take them home to add to our collections. But there is so much more to the sea-shell than just mere decoration, beautiful though they are. Sound healer and synesthete Colin Kingshott can hear the sea-shells sing, albeit at a frequency that most of us are not aware of, consciously. Not only that, but Colin has found by examining the fossil records that shells, in the form of ammonites, appear to uniformly change their shape, at different stratas, in line with the changing of World Ages. Continue reading “The Healing Song of the Sea Shell”

Flowers and trees sing to us silently – all they ask in return is for us to sing to them


The above title is taken from something Australian aborgines say, according to Marlo Morgan in her book about “Dreamtime”, Mutant Message Down Under. This comes from their shamanically derived understanding that all matter is just frozen sound, or vibration.

The flowers only seem to be singing silently because the notes are at a frequency humans can’t normally hear – in the same way that we can’t hear dog whistles. If a human can hear the songs of the flowers, they are known as a synthesete. Colin Kingshott is such a person who with his company Florachology, produces various healing solutions via the songs of flowers and sea shells which he can hear, and record. Continue reading “Flowers and trees sing to us silently – all they ask in return is for us to sing to them”

Hear the Song of the Daffodil – helpful for those with dementia


Colin Kingshott and his company, Florachology, are at the cutting edge of our burgeoning understanding about how sound heals, and we at The Therapy Book are proud to be in association with him. Colin has been researching the songs of the flowers for decades, to find out how Nature uses sound resonance and vibration to heal on a multitude of levels, and we’re pleased to produce this new video for him, the Song of Daffodil. Continue reading “Hear the Song of the Daffodil – helpful for those with dementia”

The Song of the Mayweed

pexels-photo-333779.jpegBy Ishtar of Ishtar’s Gate

This is the Song of the Mayweed, from plant shaman and sensitive Colin Kingshott. Here’s how it came about.

When Colin Kingshott came to visit me, he brought some tapes so that I could hear the different songs of the various flowers that he’d recorded. The songs that the flowers sing are not easy for the human ear – they use notes that we don’t normally hear. Continue reading “The Song of the Mayweed”

The Science Behind the Healing Sounds of Plants


By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

We’re all quite familiar now with the healing power of herbs, flowers and plants in various different therapies. But what we’re only now just beginning to learn about is the healing power of the song of the flower.

There is a growing body of evidence that our earliest ancestors, who had a stronger connection to Nature, were aware of the different songs of the flowers, and used them in sound healing. It’s beginning to look as if they could hear frequencies of sound that we cannot hear today, and that they incorporated the same geometrical shapes used in Nature into their temples which created specific acoustical properties that could then be used for sound healing. Continue reading “The Science Behind the Healing Sounds of Plants”

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