The people of Britain are all that stands against our green and pleasant land being sold out


Many in this country are waking up to just how much drilling for shale gas will destroy us as a nation.

Those who truly love and care about this country are turning out in droves to protect the land, despite facing false arrest and extreme violence by an increasingly thuggish and lawless police which acts more more like a fascist private militia. Continue reading “The people of Britain are all that stands against our green and pleasant land being sold out”

How Bears May Help Us Heal

Medical researchers and zoologists worked together to find that the bears’ wounds healed with almost no scarring, and were infection-free. The scientists hope, eventually, to find out exactly how the bears’ bodies heal while their body temperature, heart rate and metabolism are reduced. This could aid studies of human wound-healing. Continue reading “How Bears May Help Us Heal”

Egyptian protesters victims of new ‘super tear gas’

It’s worrying for peaceful protest leading to democracy worldwide if a new and more dangerous form of tear-gas is being sold to militaries. But if what the Tahrir Square protestors in Egypt are saying is true, they’re being subjected to a new tear gas which should come with a government health warning.

They’re claiming that along with police brutality, live rounds, sexual abuse and torture, a new and more potentially lethal type of tear gas is being used on the protestors. Continue reading “Egyptian protesters victims of new ‘super tear gas’”

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