Free to Download – Shop GMO-Free in the UK App

If you want to know foods in British supermarkets contain GM ingredients, you are in exactly the right place. Shop GMO-Free in the UK gives you full and comprehensive information on the GM status of more than 10,000 foods across hundreds of brands on sale in the UK today, and it’s FREE.

Just click on the button…

Why you need this app

Shop GMO Free in the UK is the first app in Britain today to provide easily searchable, at-a-glance information about the GM-status of tens of thousands of everyday foods across hundreds of brands, like this one:


The app will be updated regularly, so you’ll always have the very latest information regarding GMs in UK supermarkets at your fingertips.

If you’re wondering why you need this information when you thought that GM foods were banned in Britain, please read on…

What they’re not telling you…

You’re probably not aware that GM foods are slowly being introduced into UK supermarkets, some from America. (See Changes to EU legislation mean that GM crops can now be grown in Britain and Another British supermarket now selling GM foods.)

Through a mix of EU legislation and backroom deals with the biotech industries, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the government, which ever party is in power, has sold out to the demands of the big biotech giants. This is despite the fact that many scientifically-controlled tests have proven that GM foods can cause:

  • stomach inflammation,
  • bowel disease,
  • thinning of intestinal walls,
  • breast cancer,
  • kidney and liver disease,
  • low sperm count,
  • sterility, and
  • stillbirths

To read more about the health dangers of GM foods, check out the articles here on GM News.

Download Shop GMO-Free in the UK app
Download Shop GMO-Free in the UK app
Weaponised shopping

With our Shop GMO-Free in the UK app on your phone, you will have the power to vote with your shopping basket about what sort of food you and your family will eat.

It worked in Germany, where meat and dairy producers are now being required to feed their cattle with GM-free feed again, when shoppers refused to buy the other kind. (See How to get British supermarkets to return to GM-free meat and dairy).

It’s also been making a difference for shoppers in America, where big food companies are being forced to remove GM ingredients from their products because customers are gradually refusing to buy them. (See Record numbers of US companies switching to non-GMO seeds and GMOs facing downturn on world market).

With huge international trade deals like TTIP being hammered out in private rooms, well away from the democratic process and public accountability, the only leverage we have is in our consumer power. (See The lies behind the EU’s transatlantic trade deal and Secret emails reveal how UK ministers plotted with GM lobbyists to bring GM foods into the UK.)

We hope that the Shop GMO Free in the UK app will make a huge difference… by giving everyone the information they need to make the choices that are best for them and their families.

3 replies to Free to Download – Shop GMO-Free in the UK App
  1. I have suspected for a while now that Tescos is selling GMO fruits and vegetables. For instance, the apples have suddenly become overly sugary, and they’ve even started selling something called ‘candy floss’ varieties of grapes and berries that taste like sugar. Obviously, ‘candy’ floss’ fruit would appeal to children, and I think many parents would buy it in the hope of getting their children to eat ‘fruit’. But nobody seems to be questioning how these fruits came to be so sugary.. People just don’t question the nature of their reality. that is a problem.

    One way to tell if a produce is a GMO, other than through taste, is that they have unnatural skins and unusual textures in the meat of the fruit or veg. The fibres are often wooden-like or plasticky and generally tasteless, which is why they have resorted to adding sugars and other flavourings.

    People don’t even realise that seedless grapes are GMOs! They are Genetically Modified to not produce seeds. But if you point that out to people, they will deny it and say emphatically that it is against the law in the UK. They are so brainwashed they can’t even see the obvious for themselves. Obviously fruits and veg contain seeds in their natural forms, so if they are not present in the produce, then they are a GMO. That is a dead giveaway.

    Part of the problem is that most people have never grown their own food and therefore don’t understand the role of seeds. They simply don’t reflect on it.. The other problem is that people are too addicted to convenience and don’t take a stand one way or the other.

    GMOs are denatured, lacking the vital essence of Spirit. One can actually ‘taste’ Spirit, that is where the flavours come from. People need to understand that food is a Gift from Spirit.

    If people don’t start to take an interest in where things come from and how it affects their biology, then Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World will soon be a permanent reality. There will be no choices; everyone will be spoon fed from cradle to death nothing but lies, deceit and abominations.

    Between GMOs, Microwave radiation (from cell phones/masts), psychopharmacological medicines, nano particulates, dangerous chemicals in treated water, etc. – it is going to become increasingly challenging to maintain a healthy body and mind to connect with Source. Even the air is being denatured by non-ionising radiation from mobile masts and smart grid technologies that cause calcium and iodine imbalances. The radiation is destroying the www (wood wide web) of the forest floors and top soils that connect trees, plants and numerous other biological systems symbiotically. Heritage Seeds are inhibited by 5G frequencies. The only plants that grow in 5G microwave radiation are those that have been Genetically Modified (denatured). Do you see now why there is such a push for GMOs?

    It’s wonderful that this GMO app has been invented, and I hope more and more people get switched on to it, but I think people need to reflect much more deeply on the insights required to protect themselves and nature – which are one and the same. And that’s the point.


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