Tailored acupuncture lessens pain intensity in chronic pain

Nine weekly sessions of individually tailored acupuncture lessen perceived pain intensity, and improve functional capacity and quality of life, in people with the chronic pain condition, fibromyalgia, finds research published online in Acupuncture in Medicine.

The beneficial effects were still evident a year later, the findings show. Continue reading “Tailored acupuncture lessens pain intensity in chronic pain”

How ancient healing methods offer an alternative paradigm in health

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By Rita Louise

As long as life has existed on Earth, so have issues associated with maintaining health and the remediation of disease. For humanity, the use of natural healing methods have created the foundation for modern medicine. Continue reading “How ancient healing methods offer an alternative paradigm in health”

Three easy steps to awakening powerful regenerative healing in the body

By Angelo Druda

The human body possesses a powerful healing and regenerative chemistry. Examples of sudden and extraordinary healing – so called miraculous healing, demonstrate what this rejuvenate potential can actually do when it is truly unlocked.

The great spiritual master Adi Da Samraj described a three part process that awakens this powerful regenerative energy. It should be understood and practiced by all those who are interested in a long and healthy life. The more concentration and practice there is in each of the three phases… the more powerful the healing and rejuvenation. Continue reading “Three easy steps to awakening powerful regenerative healing in the body”

How to choose the right holistic therapy for your pet


Many people hail acupuncture as an effective alternative to medication for dealing with physical ailments. Now, there are veterinarians who say it can also help heal pets. Southern California resident Cathy Davis said acupuncture and other alternative therapies helped her three dogs when traditional treatments weren’t. Continue reading “How to choose the right holistic therapy for your pet”

Easy Ear Acupuncture Points for Switching Off Addiction

by P F Louis

In 1972, a Hong Kong neurosurgeon, Dr. H. L. Wen, discovered that the acupuncture he used on a surgical patient for analgesic purposes also diminished the patient’s opium withdrawal and cravings. Dr. Wen was using auricular or ear acupuncture, where needle points are routinely used for diminishing pain throughout the rest of the body. Continue reading “Easy Ear Acupuncture Points for Switching Off Addiction”

Chinese herbs work their magic on heart disease

by Angelo Druda

Cardiovascular diseases kill more Americans than cancer and motor vehicle accidents combined. Most of our aging baby-boomer population will be brought down by problems located in the heart and cardiovascular system. Even so, we can significantly increase heart longevity in the highest percentage of cases with the right application of herbal medicine. Once again plants have provided the answer.

Continue reading “Chinese herbs work their magic on heart disease”

When the drugs don’t work anymore ~ try acupuncture

Researchers set out to evaluate how effective most commonly used therapies are for the treatment of chronic pain over the last ten years. They wrote that overall effectiveness remains poor and inconsistent, despite major advances in understanding the mechanisms that underlie pain.

Approximately one in every five people worldwide has chronic pain. In the USA alone, over $210 billions annually are spent on treating chronic pain – annual costs in the UK for just back pain are estimated to be between $26 and $49 billion. Continue reading “When the drugs don’t work anymore ~ try acupuncture”

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