A shaman’s guide to seeing off Al, the Alcohol Demon

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

This is some timely guidance about how to deal with my old friend Al, the Alcohol Demon, as Christmas is coming earlier and earlier every year now, and ye olde traditional office party season will soon be upon us.

I say ‘my old friend’ Al, because if, like me, you’re the child of an alcoholic, or if alcoholism appears within about three or four generations up your family tree, then for you, Al will never go away. He’s firmly housed in your DNA, and it’s going to take a bulldozer and fork lift truck powered by Superman to remove him. Continue reading “A shaman’s guide to seeing off Al, the Alcohol Demon”

Shamanism, the wounded healer, addiction and the alcohol demon

by Ishtar Dingir, shamanic healer

One of the soubriquets often attached to the shaman is the term ‘wounded healer’. This is because we’re so often leading people out of mires that we have only recently been ensnared in ourselves.

I noticed this phenomena quite soon after I first started practising shamanic healing. I eventually stopped advertising my healing services, because I realised that the spirits were already ‘taking care of business’, by sending me people that resonated with my particular wounding ~ and in my case, it was co-dependency and addiction. Continue reading “Shamanism, the wounded healer, addiction and the alcohol demon”

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