America’s Billion Dollar Baby Scam


While I understand the impulse to invest in the highest quality products for your children, I think it’s important to meet your kid’s needs without going overboard. Marketing schemes can be very alluring, playing on parents’ eagerness to help foster their children’s physical and mental growth. It’s important to remember that what’s best is not simply what’s most expensive. Continue reading “America’s Billion Dollar Baby Scam”

Vaccines are killing babies in the womb

pexels-photo-57529.jpegThis is a quite chilling but comprehensive overview from Mothering Magazine of vaccine adverse reactions (including deaths) from the FDA Vaccine Event Reporting System (VAERS) by Dr. Rubin, who maintains, the online searchable VAERS database in cooperation with the National Vaccine Information Center.

Continue reading “Vaccines are killing babies in the womb”

Why breast-fed babies benefit nutritionally

pexels-photo-225744.jpegThe recent news that babies raised on formula who start eating solid foods before they are four months old may be more likely to become obese later on should come as no surprise.

The findings support U.S. guidelines which recommend that wait until babies are between six and six months old before starting to feed solid foods, said Dr. Susanna Huh, one of the study’s lead authors from Children’s Hospital Boston. Continue reading “Why breast-fed babies benefit nutritionally”

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