How to Cancel the Earth’s Sixth Great Mass Extinction

We learned on Friday about a new scientific paper that finds we’re sliding helter skelter down the slope to hell in a handbasket – in other words, headed for the greatest mass extinction of vertabraeic life on Earth since that of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Of course, the ‘usual suspects’ are being blamed for the unprecedentedly enormous number of “modern human–induced species losses” – implying by this title that the whole of humanity is to blame. And its timing, being released at the same time as Pope Francis’s decision to jump on the climate change gravy train, cannot be coincidence. In other words, God is so fed up with us making a mess of things that he’s going to destroy the human race… that’s the sub-text anyway. Where’s Noah when you need him? However, when we actually read the fine print of the scientific paper, we realise it is not about us – it’s them. Continue reading “How to Cancel the Earth’s Sixth Great Mass Extinction”

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