Three top miracle superfoods that protect from colds and flu

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

We have to take especial care of ourselves during the cold months because the body needs a little extra help then to tick over properly. It’s no coincidence that more people die during this season of death, in Nature, before the rebirth of the Spring.

As we get older, the body needs more help in staying well, and this is mainly achieved by strengthening the immune system with the alchemical magic of miracle superfoods. So here are my three main superfoods that I rely on to keep me in good fettle. Continue reading “Three top miracle superfoods that protect from colds and flu”

20 health benefits of black nigella seeds and oil

20 health benefits of black nigella seeds and oil

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

I’ve recently been writing about various natural remedies for coughs and colds, since contracting a nasty virus. Another great aide I’ve been feeling the benefits from is black seed oil rubbed on the chest, and ground black seeds in fruit juice.

I was interested in trying black seed oil – also known as black cumin, black coriander or black onion seeds – after reading that it was found in the Egyptian tomb of Tutankhamun, and also that Mohammed had reputedly said that it cures everything except death!

I wasn’t exactly at death’s door, but I did feel that I needed something powerful to help me get rid of a cough which been hanging around for weeks.

After two weeks of using black seed oil I can report that I’m feeling better in all sorts of ways, some quite unexpected, and there has been a sort of slow detox effect. I feel as if I’ve been cured of not so much illnesses but weaknesses and pollution in my body system that I didn’t know existed before. I only know that I feel a lot better now that it’s been removed and I have a lot more energy and joie-de-vivre.

I was impressed to find, too, that black seed oil is one of the few natural products that has many scientific tests to its name testifying to its health benefits. So I’m not just imagining them!

Many of these benefits are listed in this article, by Elizabeth Renter. Continue reading “20 health benefits of black nigella seeds and oil”

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