Have a Supergreen Christmas! Great sound healing gifts for healthy friends!

Supergreen Sound Essences

Supergreen Sound Essences come from the development lab of sound healer Colin Kingshott, just like many other exciting new bioresonant health product ranges that we’re now selling on The Holistic Health Store.

Colin says that his Supergreen Sound Essences contain the subtle nutritional vibrations of Nature in her various edible forms, which nourish us on the mind-body-spirit level with her bioresonant songs. Continue Reading

Gift the harmonic healing of sea shells and sea flowers this Christmas!

FrequenSea Essences, Sprays and Spa

Deep sea healing at Christmas

sea shells With our gorgeous FrequenSea essences, sprays and spa products, you don’t need to live on the coast or be a deep sea diver to bask in and benefit from the wonders of the deeps. We’ve encapsulated the bioresonant qualities of sea shells, seaweeds and sea flowers to bring harmonic healing from the choirs of marine life into your life in an easy and accessible way.

Frequensea Essences, Sprays and Spa products make wonderful gifts for tucking in Christmas stockings – or hang them on the Yule tree!

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A wonderful Christmas gift for balancing the chakras with songs of flowers and crystals!

Chakra Oils

Each of our beautiful Chakra Oils sings with bioresonant sounds of semi-precious stones and other gifts from Mother Nature’s rich cornucopia. We’ve used natural dyes for the colours and added fragrant essential oils and absolutes.

These spray oils are excellent for clearing, purifying and balancing the chakras and are used by many healing practitioners over a range of different healing therapies. They are also ideal for helping to cope with the mental and emotional stress of conflicting family values or awkward relatives at Christmas.

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