Altered Genes, Twisted Truth – The biggest scientific fraud of our age

The much-awaited Altered Genes, Twisted Truth will be published in few weeks time. Its author, Steven M Druker, has a highly credible record as a powerful activist within the GM debate. As the executive director of The Alliance for Bio-Integrity, he was coordinator and attorney of the lawsuit which is pushing for the US Federal Food and Drug Administration to be forced to carry out mandatory safety testing and labelling of GM foods.

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UK supermarkets are not telling the truth about the availability of non-GM soya


UK supermarkets have been caught in a lie about the availability of non-GM soy which is fed to their suppliers’ animals to provide the meat and dairy products on our shelves. All the major supermarkets, apart from Waitrose, announced that they could no longer guarantee that their meat would come from non-GM soya fed animals because non-GMO was in short supply.

This is not true.

Brazilian non-GM soy producers have said, in response, that they are baffled by such a stance. They say that there is no shortage of non-GM soy and that, this year, Brazil has enjoyed a record soybean harvest over 82 million metric tons, bigger than the United States and definitely large enough to more than provide Europe’s entire soy meal demand, including the United Kingdom’s.  Continue reading “UK supermarkets are not telling the truth about the availability of non-GM soya”

The thin end of the wedge …. Tesco now to sell GM-fed chickens


It’s the thin end of the wedge, and it should alert us to which way the wind is blowing with regard to GM. Tesco is now the third UK supermarket to admit that it can no longer guarantee that its chickens will be fed on non-GM soya (the others being Morrisons and Asda). In other words, food producers and distributors are not listening to us and are probably using our endless anti-GM petitions in place of toilet paper.

As we’ve said before, at the moment, UK supermarkets have been choosing not to include GM ingredients in their own brand products, but cannot guarantee the rest of the brands that they sell are GM-free. Soon, forced by the price of GM-soya being so much less than non-GM soya, we believe that all supermarkets will have to admit that they cannot guarantee that their chicken, lamb, pork or beef hasn’t been fed on non-GM soya.

For that reason, we at The Therapy Book are putting together a phone app which will contain all the foods in UK supermarkets that contain GM ingredients, or animals that are reared on GM feed. At least that way, you and your family will have a choice. If you’d like to receive a free version of the app to test when it’s ready, please fill in this contact form: Continue reading “The thin end of the wedge …. Tesco now to sell GM-fed chickens”

Wikileaks: Monsanto is deeply embedded into the US government

pexels-photo-206653.jpegby Anthony Gucciardi

Biotech giant Monsanto has been genetically modifying the world’s food supply and subsequently breeding environmental devastation for years, but leaked documents now reveal that Monsanto has also deeply infiltrated the United States government. Continue reading “Wikileaks: Monsanto is deeply embedded into the US government”

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