The scientist attacked for proving GMO dangers wins defamation suit in French court

by Paul Fassa

Remember Professor Giles-Eric Seralini and his research team at the University of Caan in France? They provided pictures of rats fed Monsanto GMO corn saturated with Roundup weed killer. That’s why the corn is genetically modified, to survive the most dangerous herbicide on the planet.


Their study discovered that rats fed GMOs developed tumors and died prematurely. But that wasn’t the purpose of their study. It was set up to examine the long term toxicity potential of eating Monsanto’s GMO corn along with the inherent exposure to Roundup.

After Seralini’s long term toxicity study results were publicized with displays of rats showing huge tumors, a tsunami of outrage from pro-GMO scientists and journalists got favorable mainstream media (MSM) press.

The hundreds of scientists who defended Seralini’s work were mostly ignored. Many fence sitters were left confused and willing to side with the barking dogs of the biotechnology industry. Continue reading “The scientist attacked for proving GMO dangers wins defamation suit in French court”

Welcome to the nutrition revolution – part 1: vitamin K2

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From Annie’s Kitchen

I’ve been writing about holistic nutrition, professionally, for about 30 years. But never have I witnessed such a turnaround in how we’re now thinking and what we’re now recommending. And never before have I experienced such a turnaround in my own health – through following the new guidelines – and I don’t mean just in terms of losing excess weight and feeling better through less inflammation; I mean to the extent of new tooth material and new hair growing and having masses more energy.

I almost feel that I’ve discovered the elixir of youth.

So how did we go so wrong before, in what we were recommending? And what is the nutrition revolution? Continue reading “Welcome to the nutrition revolution – part 1: vitamin K2”

Why voting to leave the EU is the only way to keep out GM foods

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

As the TTIP leaks have gradually unfolded over the last few days, it’s become abundantly clear that there is only one option for anyone who wants to keep genetically modified foods out of the Britain. That is to vote to leave the European Union in the upcoming referendum on June 23rd.

We used to have a feeling of security about the EU’s attitude to GMs. We believed that being part of Europe would protect us from our own ministers in Britain who are trying to bring them in. Unfortunately, that’s turning out to be a feeling of false security, which was already unravelling fast before last weekend’s leaks of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership treaty. Here’s why: Continue reading “Why voting to leave the EU is the only way to keep out GM foods”

Jane Goodall and Steven Druker Expose US Government Fraud over GMOs

Most of us know Dame Jane Goodall – a hugely respected primatologist and animal rights campaigner. Steven Drucker shot to prominence a few years ago when as a public interest attorney, he initiated a lawsuit against the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that forced it to divulge its files on GM foods. Steven Druker has also endorsed our book (now an app) Shop GMO-Free in the UK. Continue reading “Jane Goodall and Steven Druker Expose US Government Fraud over GMOs”

GMOs facing downturn on world market

By Carolanne Wright

Farmers in the U.S. are beginning to wake-up to the fact that genetically modified crops are poor business indeed. With countries around the world taking a firm stand against GM imports, not only are farmers who grow GMOs suffering from dwindling export opportunities, but also those whose crops have been cross-contaminated with genetically modified pollen. Continue reading “GMOs facing downturn on world market”

Another British supermarket now selling GM foods

Marks & Spencer has come under fire for abandoning its policy of selling only GM-free food. We’ve just updated our app to show that it’s now selling six products containing genetically-modified soya or corn despite having long presented itself as being opposed to such engineered products.
Continue reading “Another British supermarket now selling GM foods”

How to get British supermarkets to return to GM-free meat and dairy

Nowadays, voting for politicians or political parties that have been bought out by global corporate interests is an exercise in futility. But there is one lever of power still left to us – and that is voting with our shopping baskets.

Last month, there was a shining example of consumer power in action as the top German supermarkets, the powerhouses of Europe when it comes to retail, delivered a huge blow to the biotech industry by forcing their poultry industry to return to the use of non-GMO feed. Continue reading “How to get British supermarkets to return to GM-free meat and dairy”

Changes to EU legislation mean that GM crops can now be grown in Britain

Harpenden gm

Britain’s Minister for the Environment Owen Paterson has acted against the wishes of the British people by encouraging legislation to allow GM crops to be legally sown in Britain. This change has now gone through, meaning that GM crops can now be legally sown in Britain, probably within the year… and how soon after that will GM foods start flooding into the shops?

Paterson is not representing the view of the British people in Brussels, but the interests of Monsanto and other biotech companies. However, the British people are not being told about this change in the mainstream media.

Continue reading “Changes to EU legislation mean that GM crops can now be grown in Britain”

McCarthyism Over Climate Change is a Distraction From the Real Green Issues

climate change mapBy Ishtar Babilu Dingir

I’m heading up this article with a graph showing how our Earth’s climate has changed over the last 10,000 years because the way some politicians today go on, you’d think they invented it. One wonders if the Palaeolithic cave men were taxed for burning too many trees?

The mainstream media, under governmental nudge unit’s instruction, are now being told to replace the term ‘climate change’ to ‘climate disruption’. This by the way, is a second change in the wording, after ‘global warming’ failed to stick when no matter how much they juggled the figures, it was obvious that the planet hadn’t warmed for more than 15 years. Continue reading “McCarthyism Over Climate Change is a Distraction From the Real Green Issues”

Organic farmers are struggling in the US, against GM onslaught

The above picture is of vegetables growing in a field of the organic farm at the White House in Washington. Obviously, the President of the United States understands the importance of eating food that is free from pesticides and herbicides, and that is also derived from natural seeds. You’d think then that he would have some sympathy with the organic farmers in the United States who are fighting crop ruination and bankruptcy because of infection from nearby GM crops, as this new article on Grist explains. Continue reading “Organic farmers are struggling in the US, against GM onslaught”

Can 297 scientists be wrong? “GMOs not proven to be safe.”

pexels-photo-207585.jpegBy Jon Rappoport

The statement was drawn up by the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility, and released on October 21, 2013.

Since then, 297 scientists and experts have signed it, thus exploding the myth that “the science is settled.” Continue reading “Can 297 scientists be wrong? “GMOs not proven to be safe.””

Cheerio to GM Cheerios could signal tipping point in food industry

kids-eating-breakfastThey ignore our protest marches… and goodness know what they do with our petitions. But letters to the right person can work wonders, it seems. Within weeks of a letter-writing campaign in the US, which was instigated by GMO Inside, General Mills has buckled under people pressure and agreed to wave cheerio to the GMOs in its iconic flagship brand, Cheerios. Next to quickly follow was Post Foods, with its equally popular favourite breakfast cereal, Grape Nuts. Continue reading “Cheerio to GM Cheerios could signal tipping point in food industry”

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