Feeding GM soya to goats reduces the size of their kids

A recent scientific publication has reported significant impacts on the offspring of goats fed with genetically engineered soybeans.

According to the publication prepared by the University of Naples (Italy), there were changes in the composition of the goats’ milk and the weight of the kids was significantly reduced. Continue reading “Feeding GM soya to goats reduces the size of their kids”

Genetically modified foods make you fat … and sick and sterile


Numerous scientic tests show that genetically modified foods also cause stomach inflammation, haemorrhagic bowel disease, thinning of intestinal walls, breast cancer, kidney and liver disease, low sperm count, sterility, stillbirths …. need I go on?

The picture of Michelangelo’s David’s return to Italy from America, where it’s been for two years, is a joke. But it is no joke that our American friends are being used as guinea pigs by the bio-tech companies, and then when the results of the experiment patently show that GM foods are so obviously detrimental to health and fitness, the government watchdogs which are supposed to protect our food, and the general public, continue to sleepwalk into a nutritional disaster. Continue reading “Genetically modified foods make you fat … and sick and sterile”

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