Ebola: Solutions and remedies from a classical homeopath

by homeopath Marie McLoughlin

I have been through international airports a few times since the announcement of the Ebola pandemic and, on talking to security and other airport staff, they had no protocol in place or even any word from head office of any precautions they should be taking.

I have had no Ebola patients so far, and I don’t realistically expect to have any in the near future. Nor did I hear from any patients suffering from H1N1 in 2009, or any SARS virus sufferers in 2003, so I am refusing to panic.

Having said that, I did spend some time considering which remedies might be good candidates, such as Genus Epidemicus, ie homeopathic prophylaxis. Continue reading “Ebola: Solutions and remedies from a classical homeopath”

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