Ebola: Solutions and remedies from a classical homeopath

by homeopath Marie McLoughlin

I have been through international airports a few times since the announcement of the Ebola pandemic and, on talking to security and other airport staff, they had no protocol in place or even any word from head office of any precautions they should be taking.

I have had no Ebola patients so far, and I don’t realistically expect to have any in the near future. Nor did I hear from any patients suffering from H1N1 in 2009, or any SARS virus sufferers in 2003, so I am refusing to panic.

Having said that, I did spend some time considering which remedies might be good candidates, such as Genus Epidemicus, ie homeopathic prophylaxis. Continue reading

How homeopathy heals mosquito bites and bee stings

by Marie McLoughlin

My husband always reacts very badly to bites and stings, especially mosquito bites. His immune system seems to react in an over blown way to the histamine response, and the site of the bite swells, gets red, hot and extremely itchy.

He has even swollen so badly that his leg has been bursting with spots of fluid which his oedema tightened skin could not contain, eeww, nasty!!

So, this time, I took a few pictures to document the amazing properties of the Homeopathic remedy, Apis Mellifica, made from Honey Bee. Continue reading

The importance to health of tissue salts – and how to use them

Schuessler Salts

By homeopath Marie McLoughlin

We are living in a time where the environment we inhabit is becoming more and more toxic to us. This is due to many factors, most of them created by corporate greed and a desire to monetise every natural thing, from the water we drink to our weather and our fertility.

We have no real idea what impact GMOs will have on our health, long term. Nor what nano-tech will unleash. But what we can do is optimise our individual vital force – we are designed to survive after all!

As a homeopathic practitioner, patients come to me with specific problems which are uniquely theirs. For example, one baby’s eczema is totally different from another baby’s. My headache will be completely different from yours. Homeopaths treat the individual’s symptoms, not the named condition.

But certain things are common to all of us and there is a range of cell salts called Biochemical Tissue Salts. Continue reading

Shamanic Healing Power – How to Get It, How to Keep It Clean


by Ishtar Babilu Dingir

I remember when my shamanic practitioner training group first sat down to what turned out to be a three day session on how to generate and manage shamanic power. Simon, our teacher announced that this is what we were going to be doing, and some of us were quite shocked, including yours truly who instantly put up her hand:

“But I haven’t come here to get power,” I complained. “I’m not interested in having power. I’m just interested in helping people.”

And Simon just replied,” And how are you going to help people without the power to do so?”. Continue reading

Write to your MP here about the threat to homeopathy from new Bill

The medicines act is being simplified which could adversely affect your access to homoeopathic medicines within the UK. If the current proposals of the MHRA are endorsed by the government the following would occur:

1. You would no longer be able to get homoepathic medicines by telephone or online.

2. Homoeopaths would no longer be able to dispense or prescribe medicines to you.

3. You would have to get your homoeopathic medicines personally from a handful of licenced homoeopathic pharmacies in Britain.

Continue reading