Detox Sound Essence – support your new cleansing regime

Our Detox Sound Essence is so good for you, we’re not allowed to even tell you how good it is, by law. We can only tell you how it will make you feel while you’re detoxing. Hopefully you’re knowledgeable enough to read between the lines.

Detox Sound Essence is part of the Supergreens range from the development lab of sound healer Colin Kingshott, just like many other exciting new bioresonant health products that we’re now selling on The Holistic Health Store.

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If your juicing detox feels like it’s poisoning you, that’s because it probably is….


With Easter now over, and with it no more excuses to stuff ourselves with chocolate and hot cross buns, this article is very timely. If nothing else, we won’t have to feel guilty anymore about not doing enough juice detoxes!

By Mike Adams

I can’t tell you how many people have told me that a “detox” protocol made them feel extremely ill. They take detox supplements, pills or tinctures, and within a few hours they suffer dizziness, diarrhea, chills, outbreaks or even vomiting. These symptoms range from mild to severe, depending on the person and what they’ve taken. Such is the legacy of what I’m calling “extreme detox supplements” that seem to be designed to cause as much suffering as possible while framing it all as a “healing crisis.” Continue reading “If your juicing detox feels like it’s poisoning you, that’s because it probably is….”

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