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Detox Sound Essence – support your new cleansing regime

Our Detox Sound Essence is so good for you, we’re not allowed to even tell you how good it is, by law. We can only tell you how it will make you feel while you’re detoxing. Hopefully you’re knowledgeable enough to read between the lines.

Detox Sound Essence is part of the Supergreens range from the development lab of sound healer Colin Kingshott, just like many other exciting new bioresonant health products that we’re now selling on The Holistic Health Store.

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The BIG New Year Detox

So it’s New Year, and we can no longer put off the dreaded moment.

We’ve been promising ourselves, as we waded through tins of Quality Street and bottles of Baileys, that we would put it all to rights come the New Year, and have a good old detox.

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