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Tailored acupuncture lessens pain intensity in chronic pain

Nine weekly sessions of individually tailored acupuncture lessen perceived pain intensity, and improve functional capacity and quality of life, in people with the chronic pain condition, fibromyalgia, finds research published online in Acupuncture in Medicine.

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How ancient healing methods offer an alternative paradigm in health

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By Rita Louise

As long as life has existed on Earth, so have issues associated with maintaining health and the remediation of disease. For humanity, the use of natural healing methods have created the foundation for modern medicine. Continue reading

How Massage Therapy Helps Patients With Cancer

Massage therapy can help improve the wellbeing of patients who are receiving various types of cancers. Physicians are increasingly including massage therapy as part of their treatment plan. Massages can help improve a patient’s spirits and ease some of the unpleasant side effects of cancer treatments.

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The amazing benefits of massage for pregnant women

Massage, as amazing as it is, should not be considered a luxury but a necessity for many moments of our lives. At so many junctures the science of technique and the magic of simple touch can come together to make a real difference in our daily existence.

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