Using planetary gemstones for migraine relief

Anyone who has suffered from a migraine will know what a terrible affliction it can be. The pain and discomfort can consume you to such an extent that you are often left with no choice but to shut yourself away and sleep, hoping that it heals.

People who have migraines often report heightened sensitivity even to the least bit of light and sound, and nothing but sleeping helps. Of course, there are strong drugs available to alleviate the pain, but allopathic medication often has subtle side effects.With the intensity of the pain, combined with the duties you cannot excuse yourself from, what choice does that leave you with? Finding something that will give you some much needed quick relief is often the favored option. But what is the reason for these unending bouts of headaches? Planetary gem therapy can give you the answer.

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Ten natural ways to ease migraines

By tomasx of Natural News

Recommending natural remedies for migraine will never be an exact science. Even doctors aren’t too sure about what causes migraines. But for some people, natural remedies work better than anything a doctor could prescribe – and maybe one of these ten remedies could work for you, too. It has to be worth a try!

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How craniosacral therapy helps with migraine

wellness-massage-relax-relaxing-56884.jpegA brand name medication for migraine headaches has just been found to increase the risk for birth defects in babies born to pregnant mothers who are taking it.

The Food and Drug Administration have said new data shows the drug, sold generically and as Johnson & Johnson’s Topamax, can cause cleft lips or cleft palate deformities.

FDA’s Russell Katz, who heads the agency’s Division of Neurology Products, said doctors should think carefully before prescribing the drug to women and that “alternative medications that have a lower risk of birth defects should be considered.”

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