The Ebola crisis – is it time to panic yet?

We’ve been following the Ebola charade on here since day one, and been publishing articles about it which we hope, have helped to steady the nerves of a public run ragged with one false flag after another.  Many of the big guns of the alternative media have totally let us down in this instance, by ratcheting up the terror level – their justification being, no doubt, that if Ebola does turn out to be “the end of the world as we know it, it will all be Obama’s fault and he will have to go”… but only to be replaced by another puppet placeman for Big Pharma and Big Chem, of course.

There’s been a very enlightening video which shows that the organised prime media is using black Ebola victims wearing bright green shirts, in a kind of sublimal mind programming.

There’s also been some excellent journalism on the internet, and one of those articles is by Steve Barwick, author of The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual.  Continue reading “The Ebola crisis – is it time to panic yet?”

New flesh-eating superbug hits Britain

The lot of an alternative health writer is a strange one. There are days when you wonder if it’s merely that orthodox medical chemical solutions have failed us and it’s all just been the most terrible mistake. On others, you wonder if we are actually under attack as a species.

Today is no exception … as we hear about yet another potentially deadly, flesh eating superbug to have found its way into communities through being passed on in buses and trains.

Continue reading “New flesh-eating superbug hits Britain”

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