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The Big Gain, Stay Sane, No Pain Detox

By Anne Dieu Le Veut

There’s a basic mistake that some of us make when we get to this time of year. We subconsciously feel that we deserve some sort of punishment of austerity for all our excesses – especially over Christmas. So the New Year detox has taken on all the associations of the religious purge and confession of Original Sin in the hope of absolution!

The worse of the detox zealots are those who go on a juice-only diet; they rush around excitedly virtue signalling, making the rest of us feel quite dull and guilty, telling us how much energy they now have, when all along, they’re just on a sugar jag. The amount of fructose that they’re ingesting makes them seem like a hyperactive child at a birthday party and, mark my words, there will be tears before bedtime! Continue reading

Soar into the New Year with Dragonfly Sound Essence

New Year, new you? Well … OK… but take heart … it may not be a failure to launch; maybe you haven’t really got started yet?  Why not let our Red Dragonfly Bioresonant Essence be the wind beneath your wings? Take a hint from this beautiful insect and soar!

Our Dragonfly Bioresonant Essence is another unique healing product from the Florachology lab of sound healer Colin Kingshott. Colin has captured and harnessed the resonance from the beating wings of the dragonfly and put it into this essence to allow us to benefit from its qualities. Continue reading

Spirulina Supergreen Sound Essence – letting go of sadness

It’s all very well to revel in sweeping out your house with a new broom, but it’s not always smooth going, especially when you find some icky stuff that you thought you’d left back in your past tucked down the back of the sofa.

The New Year detox can bring up all sorts of healing crises, and not just physically.  As you give the toxins in your mind-body-spirit world their marching orders, they can present old mental and emotional memory resonances which may impact on your feelings as they emerge from the cellular hiding places. Continue reading

Chlorella Supergreen Sound Essence – support for detox

Chlorella Supergreen Sound Essence will allow you to benefit from the songs of the sea to support your New Year detox.

It also impacts on many problems with mental issues, such as difficulty with acceptance of life and self assertivesness.  This cutting edge bioresonant essence, from the Florachology lab of sound healer Colin Kingshott, contains the songs of Nature to harmonise the mind-body-spirit  will also help with flexibility, going with the flow, feeling of security and personal power. Continue reading

Detox Sound Essence – support your new cleansing regime

Our Detox Sound Essence is so good for you, we’re not allowed to even tell you how good it is, by law. We can only tell you how it will make you feel while you’re detoxing. Hopefully you’re knowledgeable enough to read between the lines.

Detox Sound Essence is part of the Supergreens range from the development lab of sound healer Colin Kingshott, just like many other exciting new bioresonant health products that we’re now selling on The Holistic Health Store.

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The BIG New Year Detox

So it’s New Year, and we can no longer put off the dreaded moment.

We’ve been promising ourselves, as we waded through tins of Quality Street and bottles of Baileys, that we would put it all to rights come the New Year, and have a good old detox.

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