20 sources of physical pain with their emotional cause

By Josh Richardson

Pain is first energy, second perception, and third physical manifestation. There is no other source of pain but energetic. Physical presentation is always secondary. Every single origin of pain in our bodies can be traced back to a specific emotional state which functions to warn us that there is still work to be done in areas of our lives for which we have yet to integrate lessons. Once we integrate those lessons, the pain disappears.  Continue reading “20 sources of physical pain with their emotional cause”

How shamans reweave and repurpose pain

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

Most of us carry around unresolved emotional pain and that translates, particularly later in life, to physical pain because our manifest sheath of our multi-layered, inter-dimensional mind-body continuum can no longer flow or dance with the rivers of energies. The rivers become dammed up and stagnant, and this leads to stiffness, particularly stiffness of the joints – hips, knees, shoulders. Continue reading “How shamans reweave and repurpose pain”

When the drugs don’t work anymore ~ try acupuncture

Researchers set out to evaluate how effective most commonly used therapies are for the treatment of chronic pain over the last ten years. They wrote that overall effectiveness remains poor and inconsistent, despite major advances in understanding the mechanisms that underlie pain.

Approximately one in every five people worldwide has chronic pain. In the USA alone, over $210 billions annually are spent on treating chronic pain – annual costs in the UK for just back pain are estimated to be between $26 and $49 billion. Continue reading “When the drugs don’t work anymore ~ try acupuncture”

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