20 sources of physical pain with their emotional cause

By Josh Richardson

Pain is first energy, second perception, and third physical manifestation. There is no other source of pain but energetic. Physical presentation is always secondary. Every single origin of pain in our bodies can be traced back to a specific emotional state which functions to warn us that there is still work to be done in areas of our lives for which we have yet to integrate lessons. Once we integrate those lessons, the pain disappears.  Continue reading “20 sources of physical pain with their emotional cause”

How the shaman uses alchemy to heal pain

By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

I explain in my book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, about how alchemical transformation is used to achieve the Divine Marriage. But as everyone knows who hasn’t been totally brainwashed by modern day Rom Coms, the apple blossom and confetti wedding between the bride and groom is just the beginning of an alchemical process of self development, and not an end in itself. Continue reading “How the shaman uses alchemy to heal pain”

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