GM Foods – The New Thalidomide

The shocking story about tumours being found in rats reared on GM foods is just one in a long line of independent scientific testing that Monsanto and other biotech companies have tried to sweep under the carpet.

Monsanto’s reluctance to test their GM products is on par with that of the German pharmaceutical company Grünenthal who didn’t bother to test thalidomide sufficiently in the 1950s.  The shocking result was multiple birth defects and deformities in more than 10,000 babies in 46 countries whose mothers, when pregnant, had taken the drug for morning sickness.

The reason given for such a widespread epidemic of deformities in the babies was ‘lack of testing’ and this is exactly the position we’re in today with genetically-modified foods. There has been little to no adequate testing on whether GM foods are safe for our health and already, birth deformities are beginning to occur in countries which are heavily dependent on GM crops. Continue reading “GM Foods – The New Thalidomide”

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