How to go down three dress sizes without really trying – step three

This article is Step Three in the series How to go down three dresses without really trying. Click here for the introduction and here for Step One and Step Two.

I think you will love Step Three because it’s all about eating chocolate! Not the shop bought kind, which is nutritionally dead and just empty calories, but your own home made chocolate … and please don’t panic, thinking that making your own chocolate would be far too difficult, because it is incredibly easy. Even I can do it! Continue reading “How to go down three dress sizes without really trying – step three”

Ho Ho Ho Heavenly Chocolate!

So here it is, my much-promised Heavenly Chocolate recipe with a few Ho Ho Ho naughty sprinkles on top! But at its basis is home made, raw, organic chocolate which is low GI, dairy free and is actually very good for you! It’s so packed full of goodness – which is why I call it Heavenly Chocolate – you can eat as much as you like and your halo doesn’t slip! Continue reading “Ho Ho Ho Heavenly Chocolate!”

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