Documentary proof from the UN that an agenda of population replacement was driving the so-called ‘refugee crisis’


by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

This is an extract from a discussion paper that you can download from a March 2000 article on the United Nations own website that proposes various options for population replacement across Europe and America.
As you read through the paper, it soon becomes apparent that the need to move people around what the powers-that-be clearly view as a planetary chessboard comes from the greed of those who profited from the high GDP that was created by the Babyboomers after the Second World War.

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How Trump is Taking on the Refugee Industrial Complex

The mainstream media have been very quiet about the fact that President Trump spent some time recently on the phone to King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and the upshot of the conversation was that the Saudis would support the setting up of safe zones in Syria and Yemen, for the refugees to be housed on their own land and in a secure way. By ‘support’, and knowing a little of this president’s methods, I would hazard a guess that it means the Saudis are paying for it, and that Trump will have it up and ready-to-go soon, and under budget. Continue Reading