Monsanto’s touring Britain to persuade us that the ‘science is settled’ on GMOs

by Lance D Johnson

Monsanto public relations are fighting an uphill battle as they try to convince the world that their genetically modified crops are beneficial and necessary. More than ever before, informed people are skeptical of the so-called safety of GMOs and agrochemicals. When the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared that glyphosate was a probable human carcinogen, public opinion on GMO safety quickly shifted.

Now Monsanto must employ a new strategy to promote GMOs, one that paints dissenters as “ideologically driven” and “anti-science.” In the United Kingdom, Monsanto headquarters appointed former World Bank communications strategists Vance Crowe to head up a new position called “Director of Millennial Engagement.” This position was created to convince skeptical young adults that their anti-GMO views are fueled by emotion, not logic. Crowe is scheduled to tour the UK in 2017 and convince millennials that the benefits of GMOs trump the fear surrounding public opinion.Continue Reading

Put it in your diary: Saturday May 23rd – Mums Say No GMOs March in London

Mums Say No To GMOs are marching in London on Saturday 23rd May  – meet at Richmond Terrace, London SW1 at 12 midday.

Mums Say No to GMOs is a new group of articulate, intelligent women in the UK speaking out against GMOs. It was founded in response to Beyond GM’s Letter from America campaign ( and inspired by the campaigning work of mums in the US. Continue Reading

Regaining our food sovereignty in the UK with the new Shop GMO-Free app


By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

What is food sovereignty?

Food sovereignty is about the right of us all to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and the right to define our own food and agriculture systems.

In other words, we have a right to a choice about what we eat and drink, and do not have to give in to others forcing genetically modified and otherwise adulterated foods upon us. Unfortunately, the biotech industry doesn’t agree, and it’s slowly infiltrating GM foods into UK food shops and supermarkets. Continue Reading

Secret emails reveal how UK ministers plotted with the GM lobbyists to bring GM foods into the UK

by Sean Poulter

Collusion between the Government and the multinational firms behind genetically modified food is revealed in official documents.

Emails between civil servants and the GM industry shows how the two worked together on a media strategy to win over consumers sceptical about so-called Frankenstein Food.
Continue Reading