How to tell your English county council not to fluoridate your drinking water


By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

Most people who know anything about health assumed that the case against sodium fluoride in drinking water had been won decades ago. So quite incredibly, it’s raising its head again in the form of a myopic and narrowly-premised report by Public Health England, an executive agency of the Department of Health which was established a year ago. Continue reading “How to tell your English county council not to fluoridate your drinking water”

Bombshell: U.S. water fluoridation chemical is Syria’s “chemical weapon”

syria chemical weapons

By Mike Adams of Natural News

Natural News can now reveal that the Syria chemical weapons narrative being pushed by the White House is an outlandish hoax.

To understand why, you have to start with the story published in The Independent entitled Revealed: Government let British company export nerve gas chemicals to Syria. Continue reading “Bombshell: U.S. water fluoridation chemical is Syria’s “chemical weapon””

New Herbal Method To Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water


Researchers in India have developed a filter system based on a medicinal herb, which they say can quickly and easily remove fluoride from drinking water.

The technology described in the March issue of the International Journal of Environmental Engineering uses parts of the plant Tridax procumbens as a biocarbon filter for the ion. Continue reading “New Herbal Method To Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water”

How To Detox From Fluoride

sodium_fluoride_tee_shirtsby Anthony Gucciardi

Experts have been warning for years against the dangers of sodium fluoride, but recently more awareness has spread than ever before. Following the rampant success of essential news stories centered around fluoride, including a story I authored just three short days ago highlighting the horrendous amount of sodium fluoride in doctor recommended toothpaste (500,000% higher than fluoridated water), it’s now important to discuss how to actually get it out of your system through fluoride detox. Continue reading “How To Detox From Fluoride”

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