The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels – one year on, how the worm was forced to turn

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It was so heartening to see how the locals and even others, up and down country, pulled together in unison to help us overcome everything the proponents of UN Agenda 21 threw at us, a year ago. There being no loyalty among thieves and dissemblers, it is the one thing they wouldn’t have bargained for.

Farmers further up country sent their feed down the M4 for the cattle affected, and there are now several ongoing and thriving local projects to help the flood victims to get back on their feet again. Continue reading

The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels Part 2 – An Attack on the Heart of Avalon

By Ishtar Babilu Dingir

I’ve been building up to writing this for days, but holding back too, because I’m not sure if people are ready for it. Just now, I journeyed in the way of shamanic trance to ask the spirits of the Land, to get confirmation, and was told “Yes, it’s true. You’ve been joining up the dots correctly. This has been a deliberate destruction of the holy springs of Avalon, and it’s coming from the other lands.”

When I came back to this dimension, I sat down at my computer, still not quite sure whether to write about it. Then I received an email from the White Spring’s blog, telling me that the big double blue doors to the White Spring of Glastonbury, a sacred focal point for the whole spiritual community, had been smashed to smithereens during the storm on the night of the full moon, Friday 14th February. What a symbolic act! Continue reading

Frackers are being offered licences to drill on the flooded Somerset Levels



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I wrote this only a few days ago, and now confirmation is coming in that it was a correct prediction.

What will happen next is that the carpet baggers will move into the Levels to buy up the land at rock bottom fire-sale prices, which is all the farmers will be able to charge now that the land has been contaminated from overflowing sewerage and their farms are virtually uninsurable. The carpet baggers will probably make a killing in selling that land on to the frackers, as it stands over a huge shale gas field which they’ve been slavering over for some time. Continue reading

The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels – Part 1

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Marines on Levels
It’s no wonder that when Chris Smith, the head of the Environment Agency, arrived on the Somerset Levels to examine the flooding,  he was running scared. Apparently, he didn’t let anyone know exactly where he would arrive, and when.

He didn’t even tell the local MP. Continue reading