No more Mr NICE guy: Big Pharma infiltrates Britain’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)


No more Mr NICE guy.

It seems that Britain’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has now given up any pretence to being a centre of best practice solely concerned with issuing guidance over what’s best for the nation’s health, but is more intent on dancing to the tune of Big Pharma.

Eight members of NICE’s 12-strong panel have financial links to drugs companies that produce statins – and they are now recommending that doctors prescribe “millions more” of them, which leading doctors say could be a public health disaster.
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$29 Billion Reasons to Lie About Cholesterol


The current value of the cholesterol-lowering drug industry is estimated at around US $ 29 billion, but research suggests the drugs have little beneficial effects, and can often cause more harm than good. Much of what is commonly believed about high cholesterol and how it relates to saturated fats, heart disease and strokes is wrong; scientific research linking high cholesterol to heart disease is actually weak

Statin drugs can wreak havoc with your health, and there’s compelling evidence that most people who currently take them simply do not need them The best ways to optimise your cholesterol levels and your heart health have to do with lifestyle measures, including eating healthy saturated fat. Continue reading