12 Painless Ways to Cut Out Sugar

It’s no surprise to some that sugar is actually really not that good for you … and most knows that it’s a big no-no for diabetics. But what about for everyone else? Is sugar really that bad?

Sugar comes in numerous forms, and it’s almost impossible to avoid if you eat any type of processed or already-prepared foods. So what’s one to do? Are some sugars worse than others? And how do you avoid it?

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UK government ‘in the pocket’ of sugar industry – will ignore WHO guidelines halving sugar consumption

Professor Macdonald

A radical UN recommendation to halve sugar intake will not be implemented in Britain says a Whitehall adviser on nutrition who has worked for Mars and Coca-Cola.

Professor Ian MacDonald, head of a panel of health experts in charge of drawing up guidelines on sugar, said it will ‘not act’ on the World Health Organisation’s proposal.Continue Reading

Protein, not sugar, gives us energy, new study finds

That energy does not come from sugar is not huge news to most of us who know the real truth about nutrition and bodily processes. But that this article managed to find its way around the, frankly, bullying sugar lobby to end up in a prestigious science journal is something of a miracle.

According to Michelle Bosmier of Natural News, a study published in the November issue of the science journal Neuron subverts the commonly held belief that consuming sugar can make you feel more energetic. Researchers at the University of Cambridge reveal that protein is responsible for activating cells that keep us awake and help us burn more calories, not glucose. Continue Reading