How sun exposure improves our immune function

By Dr. Mercola

Mounting research confirms that sun avoidance may be at the heart of a large number of health problems. Not only does your body produce vitamin D in response to sun exposure on bare skin, but sunlight also produces a number of other health benefits that are unrelated to vitamin D production. Continue reading “How sun exposure improves our immune function”

How to use the sun to improve eyesight and immunity


The connection between eye-sight and sunshine has been known about for thousands of years, and references to it has been found in the Indian Vedas and ancient Chinese medical texts. But it is only in holistic health circles that this knowledge is being kept alive, in the form of heliotherapy.

Here’s a very good article about it by Rich Stossel of Natural News, who has decades of experience in Chinese martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine.  Continue reading “How to use the sun to improve eyesight and immunity”

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