Huge migrant crisis shake-down as other countries seek to profit

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

A plan announced by the European Commission today to tackle the migrant crisis will see €68 billion and ‘visa liberalisation’ going to countries like Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Niger and Ethiopa, in order for them to ‘process’ migrants before they travel to the EU.

However, as 92 per cent of migrants are coming from lands where there are no conflicts, according to EUStats, then they have no more rights to come to Europe than any other non-European citizen. So it seems that we’re now reduced to bribing other countries to respect our own laws and our own borders. Continue reading “Huge migrant crisis shake-down as other countries seek to profit”

Voting to Leave the EU is the real One World solution

by Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

Those who want to leave the EU are getting called racist, Enochian, Little Englanders for wanting to be free to trade with every country in the whole world, not just those within a protectionist prison.

Surely that’s some kind of double-speak, worthy of Orwell?

This picture of Fortress Europe gives the lie to the delusion that staying within the European Union is about a Brave New World of open borders.

EU trade barriers 1

Continue reading “Voting to Leave the EU is the real One World solution”

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