The Therapy Book – the best and fullest guide to hundreds of holistic health therapies


By John Board

I’m very pleased to announce that my holistic health therapy guide, The Therapy Book, is now out in paperback. It seems a long time ago now, when the idea first came to me, that I had to write that book. It was because I’d found that there was no one comprehensive resource which contained authoritative information on every holistic therapy available. Continue Reading

“Once you understand the difference between orthodox and alternative medicine, you realise there is no alternative!”


Image: Mind Body Spirit Odyssey by Emily Balivet

By John Board

Author of The Therapy Book

You can’t help noticing over the last few years that the growing disillusionment with mainstream health providers is increasing exponentially, as they become more and more mired in endless scandals of cover-ups, fraud and cronyism between the pharmaceutical industry and so-called independent health watchdogs, doctors, physicians and healthcare trusts. Continue Reading

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We’d hate you to think that we’re blowing our own trumpet, but there is so much that The Therapy Book offers absolutely FREE of charge. So we want you to know all about that, so that you can get the most of out knowing us.Continue Reading