If you think the sinkholes are bad now, in the UK, just wait until next year….

Sinkhole drivewayby Ishtar Babilu Dingir

It’s taken me a while to put it together, but now a picture is beginning to form. If you look at a map of the licences to drill being offered to shale gas companies and compare it to the other map, showing where the more permeable bedrock of chalk, limestone and sandstone lays in the country, which support aquifers, it tells the story in itself. Fracking companies need aquifers for water; the water-storing aquifers are in geological areas which are prone to sinkholes. Continue Reading

The Truth Behind The Dash For Gas

fracking mapThe kleptocratic criminocracy presently ruling the United Kingdom has been lying to the people about the benefits of fracking. These greedy robber barons will do or say anything to get the shale gas out of the ground in order to make fat profits for themselves and their friends, and they will not think twice about sacrificing the fertility and wellbeing of this green and pleasant land to do so. That much is now clear. They have no loyalty to Britain. Which means that we now have to consider ourselves, in this country, under attack by globalist environmental hooligans. Continue Reading

What the BBC doesn’t want you to know about the UK’s fracking nightmare

by Ishtar Babilu Dingir

Readers outside the UK may not be aware of what’s been going on in this country in the past few weeks. In a nutshell, our politicians have taken advantage of the long hot lazy days of summer, with lots of people away, to allow in the energy companies to begin exploratory drilling work for shale gas… otherwise known as fracking. Continue Reading

The day Monsanto met ministers in the UK to push return of GM crops to Britain



Why did we decide to develop our app, Shop GMO-Free in the UK?  It began when we started to become aware that Monsanto and other biotech food producers were infiltrating our shopping aisles in Britain via stealth. In addition, food containing meat or dairy from animals fed on GM feed don’t have to be listed as GM on the labels, and all the UK supermarkets have announced that it can no longer guarantee that its animal products, such as meat and dairy, come from animals fed on non-GM soya.

We were originally alerted by this press release, which showsed how our government is hand-in-glove with the GM agenda, and will be pushing to get public acceptance for taxpayers’ money to be spent on the development of GM crops here.

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