Gift your lover with healing from the song of the sea

If your significant other is interested in healing, and always on the look-out for the latest effective therapies and remedies, she will love you even more for gifting her the latest technology in the field of sound healing.

Each of our Frequensea sound mist sprays contains a sympathetic and harmonic composition of sounds recorded from sea shells, seaweeds, sea flowers, and they are combined with essential oils to create synergies of experiences. They can be used singularly or in a combination with an essence and will act as a support spray. Continue reading “Gift your lover with healing from the song of the sea”

Valentine’s Day – balance your heart chakra with our crystal oils

Each of our beautiful Chakra Oils sings with vibrational songs of semi-precious stones and other gifts from Mother Nature’s rich cornucopia, the colouring is all from Her plants, and we’ve added in a splash or two of fragrant essential oils and absolutes.

These spray oils are excellent for clearing, purifying and balancing the chakras and are used by therapists over a range of different healing therapies. For instance, crystal therapists have been using these chakra oils in our Crystal School for more than 25 years, and they are one of our biggest sellers in Scandinavia. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day – balance your heart chakra with our crystal oils”

Know what you’re saying with those roses, this Valentine’s Day

Interflora, for decades, has been using the advertising headline: “Say it with flowers”… and most of us never took them literally.

However, there are people who have enhanced perceptions, often through some kind of shamanic or spiritual practice, and they can hear the language of the flowers. This state is described – in fact, pathologised – by science as synesthesia, “a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.”  Continue reading “Know what you’re saying with those roses, this Valentine’s Day”

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