The “drink eight glasses of water per day” lie, by Dr. Eric Berg DC


By Dr Eric Berg

“Drink more water! Stay hydrated! Drink LOTS of water!”

It seems like pretty uncontroversial advice, and we hear it all the time, paired with promises of fat loss and toxin elimination. We even hear the specific tip- eight glasses of water a day- so often it’s practically unassailable. But that’s just the type of advice that is so important to question and examine. So is drinking plenty of water really the cure-all it’s made out to be?

Let’s discuss!

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Drinking water REALLY DOES help with weightloss!

For people who want to control their weight or reduce their intakes of sugar, sodium and saturated fat, water may be what the doctor ordered.

A new study that examined the dietary habits of more than 18,300 U.S. adults found the majority of people who increased their consumption of plain water by 1 percent reduced their total daily calorie intake as well as their consumption of saturated fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol.

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Moving the Deckchairs Around on the Titanic

If ever there was an indication of the kind of lunacy we’re subject to by being members of the European Union, this must be it.

At a time when all European efforts should be concentrated on preventing “Economic Armegeddon”, the European Commission is instead concentrating on bringing in a law to prohibit bottled water manufacturers from claiming that their product helps to stop dehydration. Continue reading “Moving the Deckchairs Around on the Titanic”

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